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From Africa to America, eight female contemporary artists making waves right now

Explore eight international female artists that are on the rise, redefining the female narrative in the contemporary art world.

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Exploring Major Art Movements

23 August 2022
Against a backdrop of vast social and political change artists have been stimulated to explore both the definition of art and its role in the world. This led to the…

Conversation Exhibition News

Mauro C. Martinez and Ed Ruscha: Text? Image? or Both?

13 May 2022
Mauro C. Martinez, an artist whose solo exhibition The Last Man is currently on view at our Mayfair gallery, often utilises text to document internet culture and to comment on our relationship…

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Exploring Radical Female Joy, a project curated by Dr Catherine McCormack

4 March 2022
Unit London presents Exploring Radical Female Joy, a celebration through spoken word, discussion, live music and drinks reception. Join Catherine McCormack in an engaging conversation with Unskilled Worker (aka Helen Downie), Adelaide Damoah…

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Panel Discussion: Georgina Adam, Misan Harriman and others

25 February 2022
If you missed the panel talk at the gallery we invite you to watch an engaging discussion between art market journalist, Georgina Adam and speakers; Misan Harriman (Chair of Southbank…

Conversation Exhibition News

In Conversation: Suchitra Mattai and Rebecca Hart

18 January 2022
To mark the opening of Suchitra Mattai's highly anticipated solo exhibition, Monster, we invite you to watch the conversation between the artist and the exhibition's curator, Rebecca Hart. Mattai and Hart discuss…

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Helen Beard and Anna Liber Lewis: In Conversation with Catherine McCormack

9 November 2021
If you missed the panel talk at the gallery, we invite you to watch the conversation between author and curator Catherine McCormack and artists Helen Beard and Anna Liber-Lewis for a discussion about the themes in…

Conversation Exhibition News Profile

In Conversation: Rachel Thomas and Richard Shillitoe

4 November 2021
To mark the closing day of our current group exhibition Song of Songs, we invited Richard Shillitoe and the exhibition's Curator Rachel Thomas to explore the ideas behind the show.  Delving deeper…