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Unit-on-Chain: AOI on ‘In Our Code’, Collecting Digital Art and the Role of the Collector

22 September 2022
Abigail Miller in conversation with AOI, on his experience in collecting digital art, role of the collector, and how NFTs have changed the collector and artist dynamics.

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From Africa to America, eight female contemporary artists making waves right now

Explore eight international female artists that are on the rise, redefining the female narrative in the contemporary art world.

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The Precariousness of Chaos and Order: An Introduction to Generative Art

14 September 2022
The generative art group exhibition, In Our Code, arrives at Unit London on 13th September 2022. This article takes readers on a journey through the conceptual origins of generative art,…

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The Value of NFTs: Authenticity over Inimitability

10 September 2022
NFT is an acronym for Non-Fungible Token, and the properties that make them such robust certificates of ownership are indicated in the name. As tokens, NFTs are units of data…

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Exploring Major Art Movements

23 August 2022
Against a backdrop of vast social and political change artists have been stimulated to explore both the definition of art and its role in the world. This led to the…

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Jenny Holzer, Art and Ideas

5 August 2022
As the group exhibition, Sign Systems, draws to a close at Unit London, our Inspiring U series takes a closer look at Jenny Holzer’s artistic career. Born in 1950, Holzer is an…

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Philip Guston, Abstraction and Satire

3 August 2022
As Kristof Santy’s first solo exhibition with Unit London enters its final few days, we explored the artist’s greatest influence. Santy cites the Canadian American painter, printmaker, muralist and draftsman, Philip Guston…

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Stacey Gillian Abe: In The Frame

25 July 2022
In the Frame takes a closer look at the multi-faceted, mystical portraiture of Stacey Gillian Abe to celebrate the release of her debut print release ‘What We Wanted’. The print…

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Mauro C. Martinez and Ed Ruscha: Text? Image? or Both?

13 May 2022
Mauro C. Martinez, an artist whose solo exhibition The Last Man is currently on view at our Mayfair gallery, often utilises text to document internet culture and to comment on our relationship…

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Oh de Laval at Art Paris 2022

8 April 2022
Unit London is thrilled to announce Oh de Laval's first solo booth at Art Paris 2022 with Galerie Marguo, available to view until 10th April. Comprising six new paintings and two glass sculptures, this special presentation…

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Jason Boyd Kinsella at Perrotin, Paris

29 March 2022
Unit London is thrilled to announce Jason Boyd Kinsella’s first solo exhibition in France with Perriton, available to view until 21 May 2022. Titled The Impermanent State of Being, this exhibition showcases…

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Exploring Radical Female Joy, a project curated by Dr Catherine McCormack

4 March 2022
Unit London presents Exploring Radical Female Joy, a celebration through spoken word, discussion, live music and drinks reception. Join Catherine McCormack in an engaging conversation with Unskilled Worker (aka Helen Downie), Adelaide Damoah…

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Panel Discussion: Georgina Adam, Misan Harriman and others

25 February 2022
If you missed the panel talk at the gallery we invite you to watch an engaging discussion between art market journalist, Georgina Adam and speakers; Misan Harriman (Chair of Southbank…

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What is a DAW?

17 February 2022
To mark the opening of our much-anticipated exhibition Eternalising Art History, we invite you to join Franco Losi, Founder and CEO of Cinello, in taking a closer look at DAW® (Digital Art Work) and…

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Suchitra Mattai, Pattern, Decoration and Eva Hesse

4 February 2022
Make sure you don’t miss Suchitra Mattai’s first solo exhibition with Unit London, Monster. In order to explore Mattai’s diverse artistic practice, we took a closer look at some of…