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Exploring Radical Female Joy, a project curated by Dr Catherine McCormack

4 March 2022
Unit London presents Exploring Radical Female Joy, a celebration through spoken word, discussion, live music and drinks reception. Join Catherine McCormack in an engaging conversation with Unskilled Worker (aka Helen Downie), Adelaide Damoah…

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Panel Discussion: Georgina Adam, Misan Harriman and others

25 February 2022
If you missed the panel talk at the gallery we invite you to watch an engaging discussion between art market journalist, Georgina Adam and speakers; Misan Harriman (Chair of Southbank…

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What is a DAW?

17 February 2022
To mark the opening of our much-anticipated exhibition Eternalising Art History, we invite you to join Franco Losi, Founder and CEO of Cinello, in taking a closer look at DAW® (Digital Art Work) and…

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Suchitra Mattai, Pattern, Decoration and Eva Hesse

4 February 2022
Make sure you don’t miss Suchitra Mattai’s first solo exhibition with Unit London, Monster. In order to explore Mattai’s diverse artistic practice, we took a closer look at some of…

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Suchitra Mattai x Plinth

3 February 2022
To mark the opening of Suchitra Mattai's debut solo exhibition with Unit London, titled Monster, the artist recently spoke to Sammi Gale for Plinth about her artistic practice and inspirations. 

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Henry Hudson’s debut Unit London exhibition, Scapes

28 January 2022
Henry Hudson's first solo exhibition with the gallery, titled Scapes, is available to view until 10th February. Through a wide range of colours, from prussian blue to crimson red, Hudson…

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In Conversation: Suchitra Mattai and Rebecca Hart

18 January 2022
To mark the opening of Suchitra Mattai's highly anticipated solo exhibition, Monster, we invite you to watch the conversation between the artist and the exhibition's curator, Rebecca Hart. Mattai and Hart discuss…


Year in Review

17 December 2021
As we approach the end of 2021, we invite you to join us in looking back at an outstanding year, during which Unit London organised more than 50 major exhibitions,…

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Teiji Hayama: Modern-day Andy Warhol

10 December 2021
Teiji Hayama's second solo exhibition with Unit London titled I link, therefore I am is currently on view until the 8th of January. To celebrate the opening of this exciting exhibition we…

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Ryan Hewett at UTA Artist Space

7 December 2021
Unit London is excited to announce the opening of a new solo exhibition from South African artist, Ryan Hewett, taking place in Los Angeles with UTA Artist Space. Appearing as…

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Ziping Wang at WT Foundation, Kiev

1 December 2021
Unit London is thrilled to announce Ziping Wang's first European institutional solo exhibition with WT Foundation. This exhibition is a continuation of themes exploring the modern-day abundance of imagery and overexposure to technology.  Wang employs dynamic…

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Option Dzikamai Nyahunzvi, Post-Impressionism and Zimbabwean Art

26 November 2021
Option Dzikamai Nyahunzvi’s debut London solo exhibition Kwatinobva Kunoyera (Sacred Origins) is ending next week. To celebrate the final days of this successful solo show, we took a closer look…

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What is an NFT?

15 November 2021
In recent months, NFTs have burst in and claimed their place in the art world as a bold new protagonist, greeted with enthusiasm by some and scepticism by others. While…

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Mauro Martinez at ART021

10 November 2021
Unit London is thrilled to announce that Mauro Martinez is featured at Shanghai's ART021 with Brownie Project (Booth E1-11), from 8th – 30th November.  On the occasion of ART021, Mauro Martinez will present…

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Helen Beard and Anna Liber Lewis: In Conversation with Catherine McCormack

9 November 2021
If you missed the panel talk at the gallery, we invite you to watch the conversation between author and curator Catherine McCormack and artists Helen Beard and Anna Liber-Lewis for a discussion about the themes in…