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  • a globe, a world

    Zach Lieberman

    Within the work, a globe, a world influences from artists such as James Turrell and Dan Flavin are evident as Lieberman creates a light simulation virtually. The piece focuses on geometry and examines how colour, light, and grid can commingle in novel and dynamic ways. The work is inspired by Edward E. Zajac’s first ever computer-animated film entitled ‘Simulation of Two-Gyro Gravity-Gradient Attitude Control Systems’ created in 1963. Zach Lieberman uses Zajac’s fundamental animation as a source of inspiration and reference to computer history.

    Year 2022
    Edition Size Unique original
    Format NFT
    Token Standard ERC-721
    Blockchain Ethereum
    Contract Address 0xf646D818D5cB3e10cAce180C81d7fB862a3A3BE3