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Attraction Paradox

Jorge Ledezma

Inspired by the Soft Hair theory developed by Stephen Hawking, Sasha Haco, Malcolm J. Perry, and Andrew Strominger, this piece challenges us to think differently about computers and networks. Instead of just seeing them as tools or systems, the artist shows us how they can also capture the messy, wonderful aspects of human emotion.


Year 2023
Edition Size Unique Original
Format NFT 66" Audio Reactive Video
Token Standard ERC-721
Blockchain Ethereum
Contract Address 0x0783b4f88c38C9dAABfAdf00931a7fAE9c9Eb881

This is a unique digital artwork.

Please kindly note that future re-sales of this work will be subject to a 10% royalty paid to the artist, and a 2% platform fee.


3.1415 ETH