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BALLAD OF THE ROOFTOP ANGEL, after Allen Ginsberg, “Alene Lee, immortalized as Mardou Fox in Kerouac’s Subterraneans, rooftop near Tompkins Park & Paradise Alley, 1953”


One of six unique works in “A PICTURE OF MY MIND: Poems Written by Allen Ginsberg’s Photographs,” theVERSEverse’s inaugural collection of ekphrastic poetry using natural language processing technology and text-to-image/image-to-text techniques to respond to the iconic words and images of the legendary Beat poet. Developed in conjunction with The Fahey/Klein Gallery…

Year 2023
Edition Size Edition of 4
Format NFT
Token Standard ERC-1155
Blockchain Ethereum

This is a limited edition digital artwork.

Please kindly note that future re-sales of this work will be subject to a 10% royalty paid to the artist, and a 2% platform fee.


0.25 ETH