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  • Process Compendium (X-4)

    Casey Reas

    The Compendium series is largely influenced by the vast history of artists working with instruction and scoring. In summer 2022, Reas started a new version of the Process Compendium series– a tribute to performances and drawing. Titled Process Compendium (X-N), the “N” is a number 4-18 for each 1/1 artwork in the series. Specifically, each artwork in the Process series is a set of instructions written in English before those instructions are translated into computer code. The works in Process Compendium stem from Casey Reas’ most iconic Process series dating from 2004–-2010. The Software Structures online commission from the Whitney Museum of American Art in 2004 was the origin of this work, and it was exhibited in Programmed: Rules, Codes, and Choreographies in Art, 1965–2018 at the museum alongside work by artists, such as Sol LeWitt, Joseph Albers, and Lillian Schwartz, all essential influences on his work.

    Year 2022
    Edition Size Unique original
    Format NFT
    Token Standard ERC-721
    Blockchain Ethereum
    Contract Address 0x4Dc81ab6a322E4d85F32d672E155a55b16Bf8986