Group Exhibition
25 July - 26 August 2018
Unit London

Looking For U

Group Exhibition

Unit London is pleased to have held a dynamic body of new work from eight outstanding emerging artists exploring art in the digital age.

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The group exhibition, at Unit London’s new 6,000 square foot space at 3 Hanover Square, brings together the following international names: André Hemer, Joshua Hagler, Konrad Wyrebek, Marc Gumpinger, Michael Staniak, Philip Colbert, Ry David Bradley and Tom Price. 

For this exhibition, the artists responded to themes of identity and communication in the modern age. The curatorial process closely mirrors the themes of the exhibition, with each artist discovered and selected using the gallery’s far-reaching social media initiative, #lookingforU.

The title is shared with Unit London’s very first exhibition, held in October 2013 in a pop-up gallery space in Chiswick. #lookingforU went on to become a weekly staple of the gallery’s Instagram account – highlighting and profiling exciting global talent in the art world to Unit London’s expansive digital audience.

Looking For U provided a fluid platform for visitors to experience an exciting body of forward-thinking work that has been informed and inspired by new digital technologies and investigative processes.

Introducing the artists

Joshua Hagler

Joshua Hagler's work is preoccupied with the extremes of religious experience and its psychological origins. He utilises mixed media, impasto oil painting and digital animation to explore evangelism, Christian mysticism and prophecy. Often the sheer density of multimedia in a single work distorts his imagery, creating a grotesque and haunting effect.

Konrad Wyrebek

Konrad Wyrebek makes hyper intricate paintings that aesthetically convey the unknown computational language that causes glitches in digital media. Freezing the moment a video file glitches or buffers, he examines the ‘fuzz’ or ‘white noise’. This process is repeated and overlaid, causing us to question the verity of the information we consume on a daily basis, and the fundamental principles of our experience of reality. 

André Hemer

Andreé Hemer explores the intersections between digital media and painting, using light to bind elements together. André’s work embraces the transformations occurring between contemporary digital media and the traditional painted object.

Marc Gumpinger

Marc Gumpinger is known for the use of visual-effects software in his art. Before he was an artist, he was a coder and software engineer who sold his gaming company to Blackberry. This background is clear in his painting, which he approaches as if it were code.

Tom Price

Tom Price seeks to explore the untapped potential of familiar materials, encouraging them to behave in unfamiliar ways. This often requires developing machinery and multimedia that are capable of subverting conventional industrial manufacturing techniques, introducing a dose of entropy into what are typically very controlled processes. Chance is an essential element in this creative process, and one that Price relies on to transcend the limits of imagination.

Philip Colbert

Philip Colbert creates a visual language that references moments throughout art history, punctuated and juxtaposed with topical iconography to deliver a sensory overload akin to modern consumption of information.

Michael Staniak

MIchael Staniak is a post-digital artist whose work explores the nature of tactility in an ever-accelerating digital world. Works that look digitally modelled are actually created using analogue techniques and materials.

Ry David Bradley

Ry David Bradley continues a longstanding investigation of 21st century painting and richly saturated digital processes. High contrast renders are achieved through a process of heating dyes onto the textured surface of suede, adding a layer of spray paint cast over the digital source.

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